The Bioclear System

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Bioclear composites are a strong, minimally invasive and more cost-effective alternative to conventional crowns and veneers. Heated white composite material and special tooth-shaped matrices are utilised to cosmetically alter the shape of, or rebuild, the front and back teeth to form and function. This includes, but is not limited to, the closing of diastemas (natural spaces often in the midline) and black triangles (unsightly gaps left between the teeth after years of gum recession), as well as providing protective coverage to back teeth, for example when replacing old fractured silver fillings.

Unlike with veneers and crowns, Bioclear composites often require substantially less to no preparation of the tooth, this means you keep more of your natural tooth so it is left stronger.

Here is an example of what can be achieved with Bioclear composites. Can you tell which teeth have been restored with Bioclear?

The answer is, two of them! The second incisers from the middle have been restored with a Bioclear composite veneer – a perfect match that can blend seamlessly with existing teeth or porcelain restorations.

This type of treatment is provided by our newest dentist Kiri, who is an accredited Bioclear Practitioner.

We are offering a free Bioclear assessment (worth £60) until the end of June, to all practice members so give us a ring!

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